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Rig Andromeda

The biggest and most cost efficient Seismic Support Vessel in the market, with 2,800 mᶾ HFO or MGO refueling capacity. 50 Ton Bollard Pull.

Rig Andromeda is a floating fuel depot for MGO and HFO with a 2,800 mᶾ capacity, allowing Seismic Operations over longer intervals before needing to port call without curtailment due to lack of towing capacity. The vessel also has a higher freeboard and can transfer fuel in-line safely even in rough seas. When transporting HFO, a built-in tank heater system ensures proper viscosity when discharging.

At 50 Ton, the bollard pull is suitable for emergency towing of the largest 3D seismic vessels. Rig Andromeda has performed several emergency towings. The ship has a crew of 9, additional passenger berths and seats for 40 day passengers.

Tanux Shipping KS
12,5 knots